Publikációk – 2022


WoS-jegyzett publikációk

Barta, A., Fodor, L. A., Tamas, B., Szamoskozi, I. (2022). The development of students critical thinking abilities and dispositions through the concept mapping learning method – A meta-analysis. Educational Research Review, 37, 100481.

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Marschalko, E. E., Szabo, K., Kotta, I., & Kalcza-Janosi, K. (2022). The Role of Positive and Negative Information Processing in COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Women of Generation X, Y, and Z: The Power of Good is Stronger Than Bad in Youngsters? Frontiers in Psychology, 13. 2022.925675

ERIH+/SCOPUS jegyzett publikációk

Hetenyi, T. & Kotta, I. (2022). 12 Steps and abstinence:  How do I stay Sober? STUDIA UBB PSYCHOL.-PAED., LXVII, 1, 2022, 5 – 23. DOI:10.24193/subbpsyped.2022.1.01

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Nemzetközi adatbázisokban jegyzett publikációk (BDI)

Lebeer, J.  Nijland, M.  Batiz, E., Orban, R.  Schraepen, B.  Rodocanachi, M L, Neerinckx, H (2022), Training to improve quality of life, activity and participation in children with intense and complex support needs Experiences of a European in-service training project “Enablin+”, ALTER, 16/4, PP. 31-51

Könyvek, szerkesztett könyvek

Kotta I. (2022). Etika és szakmai integritás/ Etică și integritate Academică. Presa Universitara Clujeana. ISBN 978-606-37-1679-9

Orbán R. (2022) Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Correlation of Reading Comprehension and the Role of Alternative Interventions in Remediation of Reading and Comprehension Disabilities. Doctoral Thesis. Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.